How It Works

Your countertop is resurfaced on-site and in one day. We use an HVLP spray system to apply a granite-looking coating right on your existing countertop. Our technicians do a full clean and preparation of the area before the coating is applied. They use an industrial fan to vent the area while spraying.

The Process

Our countertop resurfacing process includes an on-site resurfacing of your existing countertops. The end result is a granite-look finish with many popular colors to choose from. Our sales representatives are trained technicians and will set up an appointment with you and give you a written quote. At that time, a job day and time can be scheduled.

All of our services are completed by trained technicians. Our countertops resurfacing jobs are generally completed in one day.

Deciding Between Resurfacing or Replacing

Replacing countertops usually includes removing the sink and also can result in damage to the backsplash area when the counters are removed which could involve further repair work and cost. This can become very costly as a plumber is usually required and the backsplash will need to be repaired. When resurfacing a countertop surface, everything is left as is and the technician masks and tapes the entire area. Our end result is a seamless countertop in any color of your choice.

Is It Safe?

The product we use is lead and isocyanate free. While the product does emit and odor while it is being applied the smell dissipates quite quickly and most customers say they don’t notice it very much within a couple hours... The odor is not harmful to pets and small children; however, we do recommend that they are not present during application.