Almega Resurfacing Inc. Introduces 4th Generation Countertop Resurfacing!

Countertop resurfacing is a method of restoring the surface of worn or out of dated countertops to look like new again. Instead of new laminate, granite, tile, cultured marble or solid surface this is an easier and much more cost efficient alternative of getting around the hassle of replacement. We can resurface all types of countertops in any solid colour or multi-colour finish. Our unique countertop stone finish is very close to the look, feel and scratch resistance of real stone. We have many natural stone colours to choose from.

Some countertop refinishers resurface your countertop by simply spraying on a solid colour to freshen the worn out counter to a new colour. Another process is to add multiple colours by spraying speckles overtop the solid colour to create a speckle stone sort of look. The quality of the final appearance will depend on the ability and experience of the refinisher. The more common way to refinish countertops is to apply a multi-colour granite/stone look finish to the countertop to give a more genuine stone look that is many steps ahead of the speckle finish. This is a very nice genuine stone/granite look and has a very uniform look.

And now Almega Resurfacing Inc. has created and developed the most advanced method of resurfacing countertops to create the true essence of what natural stone looks like including the formation of the stone with the veins and craters of the real stone. Our 4th Generation Countertop Resurfacing is provided exclusively by our trained technicians who will visit with you and discuss the look you desire and prepare an estimate for you.

Of course all these methods done properly will include a thorough cleaning and repairing of the original surface. The area surrounding the counters such as the cabinets, floors and walls will be masked to protect from overspray.

Once the resurfacing process is complete, we recommend at least 48 hours for curing before using the countertop.

Keep in mind that our trained technicians can provide a very nice uniform granite look, available in many colours, or adding some artistic flare we can provide a one of a kind piece of art on your countertop!

Check out our gallery for before and after photos.