How It Works

Your bathtub is resurfaced on-site and in one day. We use an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray system to apply an acrylic based coating right over your bathtub/tile. Our technicians do a full clean and preparation of the area before the coating is applied. They use an industrial exhaust fan to vent the area while spraying.

The Process

Bathtub resurfacing is a process in which our technicians apply an acrylic coating to your bathtub to turn your damaged or discolored tub into a sparkling modern white bathtub without removing it from your bathroom.

All of our services are completed by trained technicians. Our bathtub resurfacing jobs are generally completed in one day.

Deciding Between Resurfacing or Replacing

A typical bathtub replacement is not as simple as buying a new bathtub and replacing it. Tile surrounds need to be taken down, and plumbing disconnected before the bathtub can be removed. Only a new bathtub of the exact same size and plumbing will fit back in its place. A plumber is usually required. The drywall then needs to be reapplied and tile or a surround put into place before this renovation is complete. This takes time, creates a mess, involves more than one tradesperson and can become very costly, in the range of $2500-5000.

Bathtub resurfacing starts at $395 for a standard five foot porcelain bathtub. Almega can resurface bathtubs, tile surrounds, acrylic surrounds, shower surrounds, shower bases, cultured marble sinks, etc. A bathtub is resurfaced in one day and ready to use in 48 hours. It also gives you the best return on investment compared to replacement.

Is It Safe?

The product we use is a special acrylic polymer coating designed specifically for bath tub reglazing. It is lead and isocyanate free. While the product does emit and odor while it is being applied the smell dissipates quite quickly and most customers say they don’t notice it very much within a couple hours. The odor is not harmful to pets and small children; however, we do recommend that they are not present during application.